Blogger Disclosure

The US Federal Trade Commission requires bloggers and other endorsers (you know like celebrities) to disclose their relationships in public.  I happened across Jason Strate’s disclosure (@StrateSQL) who referred to Brent Ozar’s disclosure.   So, when I thought about it, I get my livelihood from working with Microsoft products and a Microsoft partner and decided to put together this disclosure for those who are “interested”.

Who Pays Our Salary

Both Steve and Kristyna are employed by 3Cloud which is a Microsoft Gold Partner.  While we are employed there, we are not paid to blog.  We blog because it helps raise our overall value in the marketplace and frankly we enjoy doing it.

Where Is Our Content

We publish content on this site.  We also blog occasionally on other sites including 3Cloud.  We are also syndicated on a number of sites including SQL Server Central and SQLServerPedia.  Comments on our blog are managed by us.  Comments on other sites are managed by those sites.

Identities and Social Media

We are identified in Twitter as @DataOnWheels.  We have a Facebook pages, but these are for more personal information to connect to friends.  We connect within the business and technical communities using LinkedIn.  You can get Twitter and LinkedIn information elsewhere in our blog.

I am sure there are more topics that may need to be covered over time, but this is a start.  If you have questions or concerns feel free to post a comment here and I will try to respond as needed.

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