Blogger Disclosure

The US Federal Trade Commission requires bloggers and other endorsers (you know like celebrities) to disclose their relationships in public.  I happened across Jason Strate’s disclosure (@StrateSQL) who referred to Brent Ozar’s disclosure.   So, when I thought about it, I get my livelihood from working with Microsoft products and a Microsoft partner and decided to put together this disclosure for those who are “interested”.

Who Pays My Salary

I am employed by Pragmatic Works which is a Microsoft Gold Partner.  While I am employed there, I am not paid to blog.  I blog because it helps raise my overall value in the marketplace and frankly I enjoy doing it.

Where Is My Content

I publish content on this site.  I also blog occasionally at Pragmatic Works and my blog is syndicated there as well.  It is good for both of us.  I am also syndicated on a number of sites including SQL Server Central and SQLServerPedia.  Comments on my blog are managed by me.  Comments on other sites are managed by those sites.

Identities and Social Media

I am identified in Twitter as @DataOnWheels.  I have a Facebook page, but this is for more personal information to connect to friends.  I connect within the business and technical communities using LinkedIn.  You can get to my Twitter and LinkedIn information elsewhere in my blog.

I am sure there are more topics that may need to be covered over time, but this is a start.  If you have questions or concerns feel free to post a comment here and I will try to respond as needed.

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