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Windows 8 and Hyper-V: It’s that easy!

First, I need to set the record straight – I am not a systems guy.  When I need work done to set up a server or install an OS or handle networking, I usually talk to people who know what they are doing.  After the system is ready, I am build BI and data solutions on the system.

As far as Virtual Machines (VMs) go, I really did not like working with them.  I seem to always have issues getting them set up correctly and being able to work with them on a regular basis.  In particular, getting connected to the host system and internet always annoyed me.

Win 8 LogoWell, I upgraded to Windows 8 two weeks ago. Yes, I actually upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8 without issue.  I am really enjoying Windows 8 and my kids think it looks cool.

However, after the install, some VPN software provided by my client did not work.  It appears to have issues working with Windows 8.  I had heard that Hyper-V was easy to setup and use in Windows 8.  It’s true!  I merely had to turn on the service, create the network, create a VM, and point to a Windows 7 ISO and, voila, I had a VM running with Windows 7 and an internet connection.  A BuildingHyper-V logo Windows 8 blog post by the Steven Sinofsky on Hyper-V was the key to simplicity.  Check it out!  They have a video, 3 minutes long, on creating a VM in Windows 8.  It worked!

Kudos to the engineering team on making this a simple exercise that even a non-systems guy could figure out and use!