Series and Other Blog Contributions

This page provides links to series I am working on in my blog. It also contains any postings to other blogs that I regularly contribute to.

Blog Series on DataOnWheels

Series Name # Title/Link Date
X on XMLA 0 Introducing “X on XMLA” 1/19/2012
1 i. Using XMLA 1/26/2012
2 ii. Basic Structure of XMLA 3/27/2012
3 iii. Basic DDL Functions in XMLA (Create, Alter, Delete) 4/10/2012
4 iv. Deploying Databases with XMLA 6/19/2012
5 v. Creating XMLA Script from Visual Studio and Deploy the Database 6/26/2012
6 vi. Processing and Out-of-Line Bindings in XMLA 9/19/2012
7 vii. Partition Management with XMLA 10/10/2012
Oracle Tips for MSBI Devs 1 Executing an Oracle Stored Proc with No Parameters in SSIS Execute SQL Task 3/4/2012
2 Keyword compare between Oracle and SQL Server 4/17/2012
3 Choosing Drivers 4/24/2012
4 Executing an Oracle Stored Proc with IN Parameters in SSIS Execute SQL Task 5/1/2012
5 Working with Oracle on Windows Azure 2/25/2014
Excel 2013 BI Tips Exploring Excel 2013 as Microsoft’s Business Intelligence Client 2/4/2013
1 Quick Explore 2/8/2013
2 Show Details 2/13/2013
3 Flash Fill 3/15/2013
4 Adding a Slicer 3/28/2013
5 Cleaning Up Slicers 3/29/2013
6 GeoFlow-The Latest Excel Visualization 4/11/2013
7 Retaining Pivot Table Size After Data Refreshes 5/23/2013
8 Adding Calculated Measures 6/20/2013
9 Adding Calculated Members 6/25/2013
10 The Data Bar 7/30/2013
11 Color Scales 8/28/2013
12 Icon Sets 12/3/2013
13 Connecting Slicers in Pivot Tables Sourced from a Power Pivot Model 12/17/2013
14 Sparklines and Pivot Tables 1/7/2014
15 Locking Slicer Position 6/18/2014
16 Exposing Values from a Tabular Model 6/19/2014

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