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This page is for posting all the stuff you may not care about, but it was fun to do anyway.  Enjoy it for what it is, just for fun.

Kristyna’s Wood Burnt Map of Middle Earth (LOTR)

Kristyna here! For a New Years Day project this year, I decided to wood burn my very own Lord of the Rings map based on the map in the back of the books. Had a great time nerding out with this one!

My Daughter Mikayla’s First Video Project

This is a project my youngest daughter did for school. Enjoy it, and nice work Mikayla!

My Son’s 3D Animation Project

As a part of his Multimedia Animation class project, he created a cool animation of the Deathstar run from Star Wars. I thought I would share it with everyone. Enjoy and nice work son.

My Son and Photoshop

We had a competition at work for photoshop pic. I handed it off to my son and this is what he came up with, I thought it was funny.

Photoshop Pic 1

My wife said she would never think about Willy Wonka the same way again.


I Am a Software Superhero… Smile

GreenSuperheroAs a part of Magenic’s recruiting process, they have started a program called Software Superheroes.  Well, I have been enshrined as a hero here. Ironically, I am called Big Data.  I should be in the next comic book, but who knows.  Enjoy the comic book and you are warned, it is our recruiting site.  After all, you might want to be a superhero too.

Big Data

I have some cards with the character and link on it.  Catch me at my next conference for one of your very own.  I will even sign it for you.  (Sorry, were you eating when you choked on that last offer? Smile)

Check out my Superhero alter ego on Magenic’s website.

Do You Know a Young Man Who Can Fill an Boy Scout Uniform

Check out this video, starring yours truly.  Scouting is a great program and I encourage you to check it out for you or your son.

You can find out more at

My Daughter Is Tech Savvy.

My oldest daughter is turning out to be pretty tech savvy. The first evidence of her tech savviness showed itself when her laptop crashed. I was concerned that she had lost all her homework.  However, her response was positive as she informed me she always saves her homework on her SkyDrive.  I didn’t even know she was using it, but it turns out it also makes it easier for her to retrieve her homework at school.  Speaking of school, she had a homework assignement to create a blog.  It looks pretty good.  Her blog is about the Lost Heroes of the Bible.  If that sounds interesting to you, you can check out her blog at

(10/16/2011 Update)

How to include your kids in the estimation process.

I am currently working a project that involves fixing data that was loaded incorrectly for the past 42 days.  The fix needs to be applied for each day that is in issue.  This means that every day you run the fix, you fall 1 day behind.  The fix can be run 3 times each day.

So, I asked my teenagers, who are both in Honors math, how many days will it take to get caught up.  As we worked through the math, the first thought they had was to just divide the total days behind by the number possible during the day subtracting the current day.  So 42/2 = 21 days.  However, that is not necessarily guaranteed as you probably figured out.

So we took it a step at a time.  We can get caught up to “today” in 14 days.  Now we are 14 days behind.  That will take us 4.67 days to catch up.  This will put us 5 days behind.  That will take us 1.67 days to catch up.  Which now requires 2 days to catch up.  That will take 0.67 days to catch up.  By spreading this across to the other “short times” it will cost us no additional days.  So, our total time was 14 + 4.67 + 1.67 + 0.67 = 21 days to catch up.  At which point, my sarcastic daughter pointed out that dividing by two was the right answer.

And in this case, she was right.  Yes, estimation can be done by your kids and help them with their algebra all at the same time.  You should try this with your next project.

(12/17/2011 Update)

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    1. Kristyna Hughes

      Thanks! It’s been a blast so far, and I can’t wait to delve deeper on some new projects I’ve been working on!

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