Work Ethic and Family – A Tribute to My Parents

A tribute is an expression of gratitude or praise. A couple of years ago, I started a series about individuals who have impacted my career. I do this as a tribute to my father-in-law, Ed Jankowski who passed away a few years ago. Check out my original post about him and his impact on me being in software development today.

Work Ethic and Family

I returned from visiting my parents in Kentucky over Christmas and thought this would be a good year to recognize the impact my parents have had on my career. I want to start with my dad, Terry, who taught me the importance of hard work. He worked as a dairy farmer while I was growing up. He showed all of us that hard work is a great trait to have. I am so thankful for his example and practical nature. I can definitely say that I am where I am in my career because of the work ethic he instilled in me. Completing the job and doing work I can be proud of are just two of traits I learned from him.


From both of them, I have learned the importance of family. A few years ago, my mom went down to Kentucky to take care of her parents. My dad left everything to go with her short time later. Their love and sacrifice are continual reminders of how important it is to keep your family close and care for them.


I can only hope that I have taught my own children through words and example that hard work will pay off and that family should always be important. In our industry, we often grow our careers on the back of our family. However, at what risk? Let us all take a moment and remember that family is important and that often our careers are more fleeting. Take care of your kids, some day they may have to take care of you.

100th Post

Finally, this is my 100th post on DataOnWheels. Thanks for all of the support in my efforts on this blog and here is to the next 100.

100th Post

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  1. Mom

    Thank you Steve. We are so proud of you…the man you have become, the husband you are and the father you are. I could never ask for a better son. I love you.

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