Countdown to PASS Summit 2012 – 6 to Go – Magenic Brings 9

Getting closer, 6 days to Summit 2012!

Today, I just have to give kudos out to Magenic, my current employer. You may have seen my #Meme15 post a while back on why I like my job. That post was about Magenic. Well, in this post, I wanted to talk about conversation our owner had with us at the beginning of 2011. Greg Frankenfield, during one of our townhall meetings, mentioned that we did not use enough of our training budget. That sounded like permission to me. I worked with data pros and managers across the country. Most of our offices were able to send at least one consultant and many were able to send two or more. At the end of the day, nine consultants from Magenic attended the PASS Summit in 2011. This was a great time of learning and team building which has contributed greatly to the growth of our BI and data practice.

This year, seven consultants from Magenic will be attending including a few first timers. Once again, we look forward to some team building time and the opportunity to learn and bring great new ideas and knowledge back to our team.

Oh, I did not mention it earlier, but each attendee has contributed back to Magenic through lunch and learns and blog posts. And it doesn’t stop there. A few of them have now spoken at user groups and SQL Saturdays this year as well. So, you can see that PASS Summit is just one more tool that Magenic is able to use to grow our teams internally and to contribute back into the community. Thanks again Greg and our management team!