Using Word 2013 to Create Blog Entries

Over the past few years, I have used Windows Live Writer to create my blog entries on WordPress. Given the nature of Microsoft’s push to use Office for more including social and other online presence, I thought I would see if Word 2013 would actually work to create and edit blog posts. For the record, I am using Office 2013 RTM (I wouldn’t try this with the Preview. J) .

Creating My First Post with Word

Step one, find out if Word has a blog template. Answer: Yes.

When you select the template you get the following dialog:

When you pick this the first time you get the opportunity to set up your blog account.

Among the default blog providers are Blogger, WordPress, and, yes, even SharePoint. Once you choose your provider, the rest of the process allows you to choose your blog and set up your credentials. You can set up multiple accounts if you have multiple providers or blogs. Once you set up your account, Word opens with the following blog template:

Some Final Thoughts…

You also have the ability to publish as draft, choose categories, and other typical blog type activities. Overall, I really like the editing experience. You also now have the additional capabilities use in Word such as SmartArt and WordArt.


2 thoughts on “Using Word 2013 to Create Blog Entries”

  1. Hi, Steve – When regiserig your wordpress acount, did it popup a window saying “it is possible for other people to see your username and password” ? It’s kinda scary 😦

    1. Yes it did. However, there are many tools that warn you about sending that information in plain text. You will need to determine how much you are willing to take that on.

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