#meme15: Reasons I Like My Job


When Jason ( B | T ) posted this assignment, I thought it would be a fun topic to write on.  Before I get into my reasons, some history is in order.  I will have been employed at Magenic ( T ) for over 8 years.  My employment has not been contiguous, as I left for about 4 1/2 years.  In my first stint at Magenic, I came into consulting with no idea what I was getting into.  When I left, 5 1/2 years later, I was doing a lot of travel while leaving my wife with 4 kids under 10 at home.  My reason for leaving Magenic was to be closer to home with less travel.  Now, on to the topic because the reasons I like my job and the reasons I returned are very similar.

Reason #1:  My wife likes where I work

When I mentioned to my wife that I was ready to go back into consulting, she noted that going back to Magenic would be good for me and for the family.  As it turns out, Magenic provided me with a supportive and fulfilling environment which meant a better home life.  Furthermore, she likes how they treat our family as if they matter as well.

Reason #2:  This too shall pass …

I work in consulting.  I really like the freshness of each contract and the knowledge that no matter how bad it looks, it will pass as well.  Keeps the work new and exciting without the burden of working on the same thing for years.  (FYI – did that for 4 1/2 years.  I like consulting better.)

Reason #3:  I get paid.

I don’t do the job for free and I still get a paycheck.  Given the economy of the day, this is a valid reason for liking my job.

Reason #4:  Blah, blah, blah

One of the reasons I came back to Magenic is the fact that they enabled me to find more speaking engagements.  While blogging for me at times can be a chore, speaking at user groups, SQL Saturdays, conferences and other events is fun.  It is one of the things I really love about my job.  This year I will likely get over ten speaking engagements in with over 12 sessions delivered on various SQL Server and BI topics.  Yes, this is fun.

Reason #5:  Coworkers and peers

My final reason is my coworkers and peers.  I get to work with a lot of smart, fun, and driven people.  It is refreshing to go to work and see how each and everyone is finding ways to push the envelope.  Not only that, many I am able to count as friends who I would keep in contact with whether or not we worked at the same place.

I am really pleased with where I work and enjoy what I am doing and who I work with.  I can only hope that I can help improve it for those around me.  What I found interesting about this meme is that it did not prompt a “career” response.  My job enables me to pursue my career, which is awesome.  I could do this elsewhere, but why?

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