Introducing “X on XMLA”


XMLA or XML for Analysis is used in SQL Server Analysis Services and other multidimensional data systems to manage the server.  It is a cross between DDL and Server Scripts.

I am starting a new blog series on XMLA called “X on XMLA”. I have had to use this scripting language extensively in my projects and would like to discuss how I implemented it in my SSAS work.  The goal of this series is to provide an introduction to XMLA with practical application shown throughout.

The series will consist of ten (X) entries which is where the pithy name came from.  Here is the current list of topics that are planned.  As more topics are developed this list will be filled out. Topics will include processing, creating, altering, deleting, and deploying SSAS objects with XMLA.  As the entries are completed, this blog will be updated with links to the other entries in the series.

i. Using XMLA
ii. Basic Structure of XMLA
iii. Basic DDL Funcitons in XMLA (Create, Alter, Delete)
iv. Deploying Databases with XMLA
v. Creating XMLA from Visual Studio Projects
vi. Processing and Out-of-Line Bindings in XMLA
vii. Partition Management with XMLA
viii. SSIS and XMLA
ix. Executing a Select with MDX in XMLA
x. Using the Discover Method

XMLA is very powerful and I hope this series will help you realize the potential and power of using XMLA with SQL Server Analysis Services.