SQL PASS Summit–Day 4 (Keynote)

Bill Graziano kicked off the event today with the notice of the official “Kilt Day” at the Summit.  He also recognized the volunteers who make this happen.  Thanks to all volunteers which contribute to our local, national, and international SQL communities.  If you are interested in volunteering check out http://sqlpass.org.  Bill updated us on the financials, something I won’t be blogging about here.

Quentin Clark, Corporate VP SQL Server, was the keynote speaker from Microsoft.  He talked about the new release of SQL Server 2012.

  • Data – Managing data at the fundamental level; Knowledge – how to get insights out of information; between Data and Knowledge is Information – data cleansing and quality.
  • SQL Server 2012 is one of the biggest releases Microsoft has ever done.  !00s of new features in SQL Server 2012.

Quentin’s Fantastic 12 of SQL Server 2012

  1. Requred 9s & Protection – SSIS as server; HA for StreamInsight; SQL Server AlwaysOn
  2. Blazing Fast Performance – Performance Enhancements in RDBMS, SSAS, and SSIS; ColumnStore Index with Vertipaq
  3. Rapid Data Exploration – Power View + PowerPivot; Administration from SharePoint; Reporting Alerts
  4. Managed Self Service BI – same as 3
  5. Credible, Consistent Data – BI Semantic Model (BISM); Data Quality Services (DQS); Master Data Services (MDS)
  6. Organizational Compliance – Expanded Audit (User Defined, Filtering, HA); User-defined Server Roles
  7. Peace of Mind – Production-simulated Application Testing; System Center Advisor & Management Packs; Expanded  Support (Premier Mission Critical)
  8. Scalable Data Warehousing – SQL Server Appliances (optimized & pre-tuned including Dell PDW, HP Enterprise Data Warehouse Appliance, HP Business Decision Appliance); HW + SW + Support (Just add power); Choice of hardware
  9. Fast Time to Solution – same as 8, lots of appliances
  10. Extend Any Data, Anywhere – Greater Interoperability – new drivers for PHP, Java & Hadoop; ODBC Drivers for Linux & Change Data Capture (CDC) for SSIS & Oracle; Beyond relational: FileTable, 2D Spatial, Statistical Semantic Search (functionally will replace full text search)
  11. Optimized Productivity – SQL Server Data Tools (formerly “Juneau”); Unified across database and BI (no more BIDS); Deployment & Targeting Freedom
  12. Scale on Demand – AlwaysOn; Deployment Across Public & Private; Elastic Scale (using SQL Azure)

Azure Announcements

You will now be able to access Windows Azure storage from SSMS which can be used for SQL Azure backups.  You will also be able to “right-click” deploy from SSMS to SQL Azure.  A lot of integration between SQL Server and SQL Azure is coming in SQL Server 2012.

SQL Azure Federation is being released at the end of the year.  This will allow for larger and elastic databases to be deployed to SQL Azure.  This provides for a management tool to distribute or federate your application data across SQL Azure databases which allows you to manage cost and performance.

SQL Azure management site is now going Metro (WIndows 8) including live tiles.  I like it.  This too will be released at the end of the year.

SQL Azure will now be able to support 150 GB databases.

Available today – CTPs for SQL Azure Reporting and SQL Azure Data Sync.

There really are a plethora of really cool features and tools being released with SQL Server 2012.  Nice work SQL Server project teams.